I believe that design has a duty and an obligation to serve the community it lives in, especially when this community is in dire need of help. To say that race is a hot button issue in American seems like a severe understatement in 2016. I knew that design could help us reach a conscensus on what racism is and what it can look like to make this conversation easier. With this goal in mind, I chose to brand racism.

We interact with racism in three very different ways: It can be perpetrated, suffered, or witnessed. This span of experience means that when race comes up in conversation, every person is informed on the topic differently. It makes sense that this would be such a difficult topic to agree on.

I identified five types of racism and created icons to represent them: Systemic, Internalized, Appropriative, Interpersonal, and Colorism.

In addition to the icons, I created posters and a site to exercise the icons and concepts.

The website serves as an educational tool. In addition to definitions and resources about the different types of racism, the site is also home to a map to which users can submit instances of racism. 

When users tag these events (with a location, time, and type of racism) a pin is added to the map, creating a database of racist events that can be viewed by location and over a span of time. 

Lastly, who doesn't love process work, aimirite?